My Journey With Breast Cancer

Being diagnosed at 30 sucks!!

How did I find it? 

I was putting on lotion and I felt a lump on my chest cavity. Unlike cysts that move, this lump was attached to the wall. I immediately scheduled a mammogram, ultrasound, MRI and did a biopsy.

Diagnosis: Stage 0 DCIS Breast Cancer

What the f the stage 0 even mean? I was pretty depressed for a while. My oncologist recommended that I do a lumpectomy (take out the lump and maybe do radiation) Ugh! I decided to make this video to help young women be more aware – it could happen to anyone! I had no history of breast cancer in my family.

This video was posted on the day of my surgery. Everything went well as planned. Well, not exactly. I came back to the doctors for a follow up visit. More bad news: The margins weren’t clear and now the surgeon is recommending a mastectomy. My world turned upside down. I was going to have 1 boob. How odd looking is that going to be? Am I even going to have nipple?


I did some more research. Some women opt for a DOUBLE mastectomy – it’s easier to reconstruct both at the same time so it looks even – plus I don’t have to worry about the cancer coming back on the other side. I ended up switching doctors and went to Cedar Sinai which is the best facility ever – They’re so professional and caring. I had a new set of doctors – breast surgeon, plastic surgeon, and oncologist and all did an amazing job. Before my double mastectomy, I made a video for women on how to do a Self Breast Exam.


Recovery was not fun. I spent 3 nights in the hospital alone. I didn’t want anyone to see me the way I was. I’m so happy I went with the surgery and not go the holistic way. After my surgery, the doctors diagnosed me as Stage 1 DCIS (the cancer spread a little beyond the ducts) I eventually went back to work while undergoing reconstruction. The trips between Los Angeles and Las Vegas weekly were pretty brutal. 3 months after my surgery, I had another surgery for the implant swap. I am so pleased with the work by my cosmetic surgeon. You wouldn’t notice a difference! So here I am – living life in Barcelona.

I travel back to Los Angeles in January and in June to do my 6 month check up with my doctors. #FuckCancer