My Love/Hate Relationship with Porto

So many things happened in the 24 hours that we were in Porto…toll roads not accepting credit card payments, our car getting broken into, our Air B&B being a dump and then the bf losing his wallet with our joint credit cards, and yet we somehow managed to make the best out of our short little trip.

We rented a car from Vigo airport and drove to Porto when we passed 2 tolls. The first toll had a problem with the credit card IMG_6370processing machine so a receipt was printed. I went online to try to pay for the toll, but there was no record of it. Then we called customer service and the representative said that we had to email this person and wire them money. So SHADY! The bf ended up contacting his friend that lives in Portugal and he went to that actual pay site and paid it in person. Lesson learned: ALWAYS BRING CASH WITH YOU FOR THE TOLLS.

IMG_6376We arrived a bit early to our Air B&B so we went to the corner cafe to have a glass of wine. The Air B&B host showed up to let us into the apartment and we got our luggage from the car. When I came back down I noticed that the car window was broken and the car rental agreement documents had been stolen. My guess is that while we were in the cafe the thief broke into the car but didn’t have enough time to steal our luggage and I hadn’t notice the broken window because it was on the passenger side. Grr!!! So we had to walk down to the police station and file a report and clean the glass out of the car. You can say that we were VERY lucky that our belongings weren’t stolen. Lesson learned: Park where you can see your car and don’t leave your valuables in the car EVER! Since I booked the rental car and paid with my Chase Sapphire Reserve, I was able to get $315 for reimbursement to fix the window. You can read about it here.


Then the bf lost his wallet so I had to cancel my credit card (we have a joint account) and I was freaking out because I had very little cash on me and the only other credit card I had was American Express which they do not accept in most places in Porto. Luckily I had my Spanish debit card with some money in it. Lesson learned: Bring an extra VISA credit card with you.

By the time we were finished it was already 6pm so now it was time to explore with the little time we had.

My first stop was the Chapel Of Souls which is known for their beautiful blue decorative tile.


The tall tower in Porto is the Clérifos Church which can be seen in the background.


Sâo Bento Rail Station – who knew a rail station could be as beautiful as this?!?!


Then we hiked all the way down to Ribeira Square area for this amazing view of the bridge and the water.


I know my first time in Porto wasn’t the best. I’m sure I will be back because I really wanted to check out the Livraria Lello (the library) and the Casa Da Música. And of course the wine and the food!


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