Tradler Vacations – Making Traveling Easier

Today I had the opportunity to attend an event for Tradler Vacations – a new platform to help you select activities for your next vacation. Around 50 students from ESEI Business School in Barcelona participated in an “Escape Room.” The staff watched for certain characteristic and skills behind monitors to determine which two candidates would land an internship with the company.

Participants completing the Escape Room

Tradler Vacations is a platform that connects travelers with the activity that best suits them. As you know, I travel a lot and I always spend hours doing research. Websites such as and are helpful but how many of those reviews are actually real and which are fake? How many different flyers do you see at the hotel where you’re staying at claiming to be the “best” activity in the area? Ever travel in a large group and find it nearly impossible to pursue an activity that accommodates and is appealing to everyone? Well, Tradler is a platform that will help you find what you need whether it’s just for yourself or for an entire group with no additional cost.

The first step is creating a profile and selecting your preferences and Tradler will do the rest. I personally haven’t used this service yet, but I am very curious to see how this works. There have been numerous times where I’ve experienced mediocre tours and wished I could go back in time to select a different tour. This year I have a couple trips planned and I will definitely give Tradler Vacations a shot. Further update to be continued.

Update as of June 19, 2018

I’m very disappointed in Tradler Vacations. Shortly after this press meeting, I asked to collaborate and Tradler was going to find me activities to do for my upcoming trip to Vigo. I gave them the dates and the kind of activities that interested me. Weeks passed by.  As the date came closer, I reached out via email twice and never got a response. Isn’t this the whole point of Tradler? To research and find experiences for you to do? Well, I can now definitely say that I do not recommend this company to help plan or book your experience.

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