(4/7) Bali – I spent $72 for Airfare and 4 Nights


Bali attracts more and more tourists every year with the beautiful viral videos navigating its way through social media platforms. That didn’t deter me from visiting this beautiful island once again.

If you’re wondering which part of Bali to stay at, you can peep this guide. I chose to stayBali Map in Seminyak because it’s not too far from the airport and I loved all the different boutiques, eateries, and spas this town had to offer.

Alcohol can be quite expensive here so be sure to purchase your favorite bottle at a duty free shop before arriving here.

I spent a lot of time planning my itinerary and shopping for the best prices for personal drivers. I will explain below the activities I did and how much it all cost.

On this particular trip I used my points from Chase Sapphire Reserve to fly from Singapore to Bali and I stayed practically for free by using my hotels.com reward nights.

Expenses – How I Only Spent $72 For Airfare and Hotel

Singapore Air Economy – Singapore (SIN) –> Denpensar (DPS)
Total: $426.26
Paid: 7,500 Kris Flyer points + $25
Save: $401.26Hotel Dipan

Hotel: The Dipan Resort Petitenget – $73/night
Total: $373.08
Paid: $47.05
Saved: $306.03 from 4 hotels.com reward nights


Average Temperature during March 1st – March 5th – 80 degrees and humid

Exchange Rate: $1 USD = 13,775 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)

SIM Card: I didn’t purchase one at the airport because I thought it was expensive. I think they were going for 300,000 IDR ($21 USD), so I waited till I got to a shopping square and bought a 2gb SIM for 80,000 IDR ($5.81 USD)Bali Scooter

In Bali people drive on the right side of the road. If you plan on renting a scooter you’re supposed to have your International Driver’s License. Read my pre-plan on how you can obtain it.

Arriving At The Airport
When I came here a couple years ago US Citizens had to pay $25 USD for a visa upon arrival. Luckily that is no longer the case. If you’re traveling from a different country you can check here to see if a visa is required.

Transportation to Seminyak – TAXI SCAM
This was probably the most frustrating thing out of my whole trip. When I landed I opened up my Uber/Grab app. Grab quoted 72,500 IDR ($5.26 USD) to get to my hotel in Seminyak. When I walked out of baggage claim, all the drivers bombarded me telling me that they would take me to my hotel for 450,000 IDR ($32.67 USD). Are you crazy? I said I was going to use my Grab app and they said that Grab was not allowed in the airport. Then I was determined to find a metered taxi booth and the guys told me that it was a flat rate to get anywhere. I kept walking and the price kept dropping. I finally made a deal with a driver to take me for 150,000 IDR ($10.89 USD) I still felt like I got scammed. I found a blog on how you can avoid the taxi scam at DPS airport – click here. You can also take a bus out of the airport and get a metered Blue Bird Taxi.

Anyways, once you’re in the main area, Uber and Grab are available at the touch of your finger. If for some reason you decide to take a taxi, make sure it’s a metered taxi by Blue Bird.

As far as eating I was told by a couple people NOT to eat the street food here which was a disappointment because I LOVE cheap yummy skewers. Don’t risk getting the “Bali Belly.” One of the things you have to try here in Bali is their famous coffee called “Kopi Luwak” made from an Asian Cat’s droppings – weird huh?

If you’re curious about the tipping etiquette in Bali you can read about it here.

Things To Do

I spent many hours trying to figure out what I wanted to do in Bali. This 4 day trip was mainly to relax and I wanted one day of activities.

Things on my list were swinging on that famous swing in Ubud -(when I researched it they were charging $35 USD per person!!), White water rafting down Ayung River ($35 – $70 USD). So you’re probably turned off by all these costs right? Well, I found a driver that would do these 2 activities + 4 more stops for $55 USD. What a steal!

  1. BaliDriverFive.com was the company I used and Putu was the one that organized everything for me. This price included all entrance fees. Here was our itinerary:
  • Pick up at 6:00am (I chose to do it this early because traffic is bad in Bali)Tirta-Empul-Temple-Ubud-Bali
  • 1st stop: Tirta Empul Temple – people do the purification baths here. Entrance fee is usually 15,000 IDR ($1.09 USD) They will provide you with a sarong. So I came there really early in the morning and what I witnessed might be a debbie downer to some of you. I saw the workers washing the trash cans in what is said to be the “holy water.” Just sharing what I saw so don’t get mad!
  • 2nd stop: Tegallalang Rice Terrace in Ubud – Entrance fee is usually 15,000 IDR ($1.09 USD) It is truly a beautiful view.
  • 3rd stop: Coffee Plantation/Swing – Here they show you how the most expensive coffee in Bali is made. Turns out there’s more than one of those giant swings. This place had 3 different size swings and don’t worry about falling off, you’re strapped in with a safety belt. I remember researching the cost to do the swing and it’s usually $35 USD per person. This was all included in our tour package.
  • 4th stop: Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary – Entrance fee is usually 20,000 IDR ($1.45 USD) You can purchase bananas for extra money so bring some spare change. The monkeys can be aggressive – one actually bit my finger!
    Monkey forest
  • 5th stop: White water rafting down Ayung River – This usually costs $35 – $70 USD. RaftingI had the best time here. They provide lockers for your belongings. Be sure to bring your waterproof cell phone case if you want to take pictures.
  • 6th stop: Tegenungan Waterfall – Entrance fee is usually 10,000 IDR ($.73 USD) I would skip this. The pictures I saw online showed this beautiful blue waterfall. When I arrived it was brown ugly water. Here’s a photo on how deceiving photos can be on the internet but with a little help from a friend and photoshop, she got it to look somewhat nice.

So this whole day tour (approximately 12 hours) cost me $55 USD and of course I tipped the driver. Be sure to contact BaliDriverFive.com for your personalized itinerary.

2. Scooter Rentals – around 50,000 IDR ($5.60 USD) Remember to get your International Driver’s License for this

3. BreezyTours offers 3 hour sight seeing tours starting at $25 USD, and food tours starting at $45 USD

4. Anggita Spa – Credit Cards Accepted- This place is the cheapest massage that I found and it was right next to my hotel. 1 hour body massage for 75,000 IDR ($5.44 USD) There are other more luxurious spas such as Body Works but those start at 275,000 IDR for 50 minutes.

5. Potato Head Beach Club – Credit Cards Accepted – I spent an entire day there. They open at 10:00 am so I suggest going a little bit early to reserve a day bed. It’s 500,000 IDR ($36.30 USD) minimum spend which is very easy to meet!
potato head

Must Eats:

There are many restaurants in the Seminyak area but these two restaurants really stood out.

  1. The Luhron – Cash Only – Meals from 35,000 IDR ($2.54 USD) – 60,000 IDR ($4.36 USD). The Luhron Balinese Nasi Campur was really yummy.
  2. Atlas – Credit Cards Accepted – If you love Roast Char Siew Pork and Crispy Roast Pork Belly – 79,000 IDR ($5.73 USD)

Although we spent 4 days in Bali, I felt like there was still so much more to see. I’m coming back for you Bali!! Next stop: Philippines

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