(3/7) Singapore – Laws You Should Know Before Going

I believe everyone should visit Singapore at least once in their life. I fell in love with how green and clean the whole city is. Crime rates are the lowest in the world therefore it’s considered one of the safest countries.

Singapore is known for its strict laws and ludicrous fines if any laws are broken but despite that it is a lovely country.

Laws To Know Before Going

  1. Chewing gum is banned in Singapore so leave your gum at home. If you get caught Laws“selling” gum it’s a $100,000 fine or up to a 2 year prison sentence
  2. Spitting – Up to $1,000 fine
  3. Connecting to another user’s Wi-Fi – $10,000 fine and or up to 3 years in prison
  4. Forgetting to flush the toilet – $150 fine
  5. Feeding pigeons – $500 fine
  6. Littering – $1,000 fine
  7. If you have drugs in your blood upon arriving in Singapore – up to $20,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison. The Singapore police have authorization to do random drug testing on locals and foreigners
  8. Bringing controlled substances i.e. Xanax, strong pain killers requires a “license.” Crazy huh? Read about it here
  9. Homosexual relations – 2 years prison time
  10. Jaywalking – $20 – $1,000 or 3 months in jail for 1st time offenders; punishment doubles for 2nd time offenders
  11. No eating or drinking on public transportation
  12. Smoking – $200 fine for smoking in public places. If you’re a smoker, leave your Cigarettes finecigarettes at home. You’re better off buying them in Singapore which cost $12 – $15 SGD per package. If you don’t declare that you have cigarettes at border patrol and you get caught they will fine you $5 SGD PER CIGARETTE STICK!!!
  13. Electronic cigarettes and vaping are illegal!


Scoot Air – Phuket (HKT) –> Singapore (SIN) $71.20 including 25kg checked bag
Hotel: Bencoolen @HongKong Street $103/night
Total: $362.97
Paid $79.26
Saved $283.72 from 3 hotels.com award nights


Bencoolen @ HongKong St: Saved $283.72


Average Temperature during February 26 – March 1st was 85 degrees and humid.

Exchange Rate: $1 USD = $1.31 SGD

SIM Card at Airport: $15 SGD ($11.44 USD)

Changi Airport is rated the best airport in the world. I strategically booked flights that Changi Airporthad layovers in Singapore just so I can roam around. This airport offers free city tours, movie theaters in select terminals, a Balinese swimming pool, outdoor gardens, and if you’re a priority pass member through your Chase Sapphire Reserve, there are PLENTY of lounges to check out.

GRAB is cheaper than Uber. You can link your credit card to GRAB when you’re in Singapore.
GRAB to my hotel: $16 SGD ($12.20 USD)
GRAB from hotel to airport: $24 SGD ($18.30 USD) It was more because it was early in the morning.

If you take a taxi everywhere it can get very expensive. The city buses work great here IMG_1992so be sure to download the app “CityMapper.” Go to a 7-11 store and get an EZ-Link top off card. The card itself costs $5 and is non-refundable and you can add whatever amount you want. The majority of the rides I took only cost $0.77 per ride.
**NOTE: When you enter AND exit the bus you must scan your card.

If you didn’t already know, I love to drink wine and try new specialty cocktails. Buying alcohol in Singapore is ridiculously expensive so I suggest buying alcohol at duty free before coming here. Let’s just say the cheapest bottle of wine at 7-11 was $22 SGD.


Questions about tipping in Singapore? Click here

Things To Do:

  1. Garden By The Bay – an absolute must! I bought my tickets online at klook.com for $17.50 USD. You can click here to purchase the tickets. They scan it right off your phone.
  2. FREE Walking Tours – Tuesday – Thursday
  3. Bugis Street Market – If you like cheap boutiques, then come here!
  4. Shopping at Orchard Rd
  5. Take a trip to Sentosa
  6. Singapore Hop On & Off bus starting at $15 USD
  7. Marina Bay Sands – Everyone wants to take that popular photo in the infinity pool. Unfortunately if you’re not a guest, or a friend of a guest, you won’t be able to access the pool. However, you can have a drink at Spago to enjoy the city views. Reservations are suggested. Average drink prices are around $25 SGD ($19 USD)

Must Eats:

  1. Michelin Star Chicken & Rice for under $4 USD
  2. Kaya Toast – Traditional Singapore breakfast – Toast with butter, sweet jam, and a runny egg on the side (Less than $5 SGD – $3.80 USD)
  3. Song Fa – Bak Kut Teh – The pork rib soup here is amazing ($7 SGD – $5.33 USD)
  4. Boon Tat Street for satays
  5. Hawker Center – La Pau Sat – cheap delicious food. Get the stingray, salted egg squid, shrimp paste cereal crusted chicken wings, and oyster omelette.
  6. Chinatown Complex Food Centre
  7. Food and drinks at Clarke Quay


I really enjoyed my time in Singapore, and if the cost of living wasn’t so expensive I think I could move there! Hopefully this blog will help you around Singapore if you’re on a budget like me. Next stop: Bali.

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