Swiss Business Class 777-300ER Review

Aircraft: 777-300ERSwiss Seating
Total trip cost: $2,790.00
Total paid: 100,000 points + $77.56 (tax) – Points transferred from CSR to United
Economy Seating: 3-4-3
Business Class Seating: 1-2-2 or 2-2-1
I seldom fly Business class, but on a long haul flights of 10+hours, it’s not a bad idea to fork over some extra points. In fact, I flew Swiss economy from BCN to LAX (30k points and I was lucky enough to get the bitch seat in the middle aisle. It was one of the most uncomfortable plane ride ever – I was seated in the very back row next to the bathroom; the girl next to me was very unpleasant and she gave me a mean look every time I had to use the bathroom. The guy in the other middle seat next to me was coughing all over. Needless to say, I’m glad I booked a business class seat back from LAX-BCN (70k points) – I thought I would be bringing back an extra snowboard bag. Business class allows for 2 free checked bags (each 70lbs) however I ended up leaving my bag at my moms house. Economy class allows 1 checked bag (50lbs)

How I Booked:

I have the Chase Sapphire Reserve card which gives me the opportunity to earn points faster with 3x for travel and dining. I first did a search on and and United came up with one of the lowest amount of miles for round trip. Great! United is a transfer partner with the Chase Sapphire Reserve. I then went to United and plugged in my dates and Swiss (a United partner) appeared to be my best option. Before booking, I called ahead to make sure it was not a “ghost award booking.” Once booked, United will give you a confirmation number. You then have to call Swiss to get your Swiss confirmation number and if you’re lucky, you can choose your seat number. It didn’t matter anyways because I had trouble checking in online on the Swiss website. Perhaps it didn’t recognize the name part because there was no box for me to input a middle name.

 My Experience Flying:

Check In – There is a separate line for Economy and Business/First Class. Most ticket counters open 3 hours prior to departure. I was 5 hours early because I had to return my rental car. I went to the counter anyways and saw the reps working and told them my situation. They were nice enough to let me check in very early. One of the benefits of flying Business/First is that they tag your bag as “priority” so it’s one of the first to come out on the carousel.
With the Chase Sapphire Reserve CC, you automatically get the priority pass which means you have access to many lounges throughout the entire world. There happens to be a Korean Airlines lounge in the international terminal. Since I had a business class ticket on Swiss and Swiss is a member of Star Alliance, I had access to that lounge as well. (I had to ask the ticket agent otherwise I wouldn’t have known that I could access this lounge. Who can say no to unlimited free alcoholic beverages and food?!?

My Long Ass Journey Home:

Swiss 777-300ER Tour

If you want a solo seat next to the window, that’s an additional cost.
The flight attendant offered water and champagne as a welcome drink. There’s a bottle of water in a cubby next to your seat, pillow, blanket, storage space.
There is a universal electrical outlet, wooden coat hanger, and the big headphones (Not Bose – but it works great)
These are lay flat seats. The seatbelt is weird – instead of a lap belt, it’s like a car seat belt so it was uncomfortable but once the seatbelt sign went off, I unbuckled. Included is a metal Swiss Amenity box kit includes ear plugs, eye mask, toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm and a pair of Red Swiss airplane socks – sexy as fuck.
 Amenity Kit
The TV screen is a good size but I didn’t see a remote so if I wanted to change the channel while laying down, I would have to get back up. (Such a hard life!)
**update: I found the remote an hour later. It was in a hidden compartment. There’s also a massager on the chair and you can adjust the lumbar pressure. Amazing!!
Ambient lighting – supposed to help with jet lag. I guess there’s some scientific study that proves ambient lighting helps with jet lag.
This is one of the most comfortable flights ever. After dinner, I fell asleep and I woke up to breakfast. It was all worth it! Have any questions on how to book? Message me! I’m glad to help!

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