Renewing My Non Lucrative Visa in Spain

January 2, 2018

I have been stressing out over renewing my visa for quite some time. First, it’s impossible to get an appointment and 2nd, I will be out traveling when my visa aka residency card expires so I needed to get all the necessary paperwork in before I left the country. I even contacted to help me “secure” an appointment. Let’s just say that this was a waste of 90€ and that I did not need this service at all. The required paperwork needed for this was found by researching online.

Please note – these are instructions for renewing for a non-lucrative visa. I imagine the work visas and student visas are different paperwork but not too different.

To take the pressure off, let’s begin by saying that you do NOT need an appointment. That’s right guys! When I contacted NIEBarcelona, I was under the impression that they had secured an appointment for me and that the process would be in and out. We all know how impossible it can be to get an appointment IN the city. At first they told me to meet at Placa St. Miguel, 3 at 12:30pm today (January 2nd) and that my contact would bring my “appointment confirmation.” Then I got a last minute email to meet at Calle Bergara, 12. Upon arrival there was a line out the door. Guess what? There never was an appointment to begin with. I paid her 90€ to stand in line and hang out with me. Save your money and do it my way.

Calle Bergara, 12 (Near Placa Catalunya) Office Hours

Tip: You can start applying for your renewal 60 days prior to expiry date. The good thing about this renewal is that it will be good for TWO years.

Required Paperwork

  1. EX-01 Form (This is the newest form to date January 2, 2018 – you just need the first 2 pages) It’s slightly different from the older form found on the internet. In section 4, select “1a Renovacaión” and “Titular de autorización de residencia no lucrativa previa Inicial/Renovada.
    This is the OLD EX-01 Form for reference – Do NOT use this.
  2. Original Passport + Photocopy of EVERY SINGLE PAGE. They require you to spend a minimum for 180 days in Spain for your application to be approved.
  3. Copy of NIE card – front & back
  4. Proof of sufficient funds – 2,130€/month so 51,120€ in a bank account (I have no clue how they come up with these amounts) That amount is required for the two year renewal. When I contacted NIEBarcelona, they said it had to be in a Spanish bank account and they were persistent on it. WRONG. There was no way I was going to transfer that sum of money into a bank account here in Spain.I was in the states in November. I bank with Wells Fargo and they have the option of having your statements in Spanish. I printed out the last 3 months, got it notarized, went to the LA office to get the Apostille Stamp, and had it translated by a sworn translator here in Barcelona. To learn how I did the Apostille Stamp, you can refer back to my initial post on how I got my visa here.As far as a sworn translator, I used: Elisa Palaín Lorenz – I only had my Apostille page and my notary page translated (25€/page) because my bank statements were already in Spanish.
  5. Proof of Medical Insurance  – Requirements are 0 deductible and 0 copay. I had Sanitas and was paying 80€/month and I barely used them. I needed a cheaper option so I got AME Insurance. I’m paying 37€/month with this new insurance. Contact: – she speaks English. They will provide you a papers with the necessary conditions AND a payment receipt page to bring for your renewal.
  6. Empadronamiento (less than 3 months old) – I moved into my new apartment in June so I had to make an appointment to get a new piece of paper with a new date. Make you appointment for that here.
  7. Tax Form 790-052 – Hover the mouse over “Barcelona” and click that. Fill out the form and mark 2.2. Then scroll down and click “Obtain Document.” Print out all 3 pages. You will bring those to a bank and pay 15.92€. They will then give you a receipt – KEEP THAT!
    Tasa 790-052

Oficina De Extranjería – Calle Bergara, 12



I went at 12:30pm. I was out at 2:30 pm.

There will be a line and metal detectors once you get inside. (I didn’t even go through the metal detectors and I have no clue why they even have it there if they don’t use it?) Once you get in, there is a room to the right and someone sitting at a desk. Say you’re doing a renewal. You will be given a number. Then you can go next door and sit down and wait until your number is called. When your number is called, head over to the designated desk number. They will check all your documents, scan everything AND they give you back ALL your paperwork.



The important 3 pages that you need to hold on to are:

  • EX-01 form – on the top right of that form, they will stamp it
  • 790-052 Tax form – they will stamp this with a blue stamp
  • Payment receipt for the 790-052 Tax Form – also stamped with a blue stamp

These 3 documents are proof that your visa renewal is being processed.

To check the status, go here:

Now I just have to wait for the next step (fingerprinting) but I hear they are so backed up so it may take months before I even get an update.

Autorización De Regreso

So my residency card expires on February 28th and I will be on vacation till March 21st. As you know, it can take 4-8 weeks to receive any information about the visa. What I have to do is get an appointment for the Autorización De Regreso – a piece of paper that will allow me back into Spain.

Two options:

  1. Make an appointment and probably trek because finding an appointment near the city center is impossible.
  2. Show up to Rambla de Guipuscoa, 74 the day before you flight without an appointment. They open at 9am so I hear people suggesting going at 8am. I am not the kind of person that waits last minute. Plus, I heard someone not being able to get their regreso because they only take a certain amount of people without an appointment.

Making the Appointment

I needed an appointment in January. I started searching near the end of November and the soonest it gave me was January 25th! I booked it using my NIE number. Then every morning at 8am, I would keep searching to see if anything else sooner came up. Since the system only allows one appointment per NIE number, I used my passport number to search and when I finally found something I was happy with, I cancelled the other appointment.

If you’re not familiar with making an appointment, I have it here step by step:

Link to make appointment:

Regreso Step 1
Select Barcelona, Autorización De Regreso, then Aceptar
Regreso Step 2
Select – CNP – Autorizaciones De Regreso, Aceptar
Regreso Step 3
Click Entrar
Regreso Step 4
Enter information and captcha, Aceptar
Regreso Step 5
Enter another stupid captcha
Regreso Step 6
A list of available offices populates. Badalona is an hour from me. Nearly impossible for an office in the city pops up. Click Siguente
Regreso Step 7
Enter telephone, email and another captcha and click “siguiente.”
Regreso Step 8
The office will send you a confirmation email. Make sure to print and bring it to your appointment.

Required Paperwork

  1. Confirmation of appointment
  2. EX-13 Form – Fill out the first two pages. On section 4, mark the first box “Titular de autorización de residence en periodo de renovacaión o prórroga”. Then in section 4.2, I wrote the dates that I would be leaving and coming back. As far as the 3rd page, leave it blank – I guess the office will fill it out
  3. Passport + photocopy of your main page AND your visa page. No need to make copies of every single page
  4. NIE Card – photocopy front & back
  5. Plane reservations – They didn’t even bother looking at it
  6. Tax Form 790-012 – Fill out top portion, then check the box that says “autorización de regreso.” Then scroll down and click the blue button “Descargar impreso rellenado” to download the form. Take this to the bank and pay 10.40€ and save the receipt. Pay this before you go to your appointment.
  7. NIE Renewal papers – remember those 3 pages I said to hold on to? Bring those PLUS a photocopy

My Experience

After booking my initial appointment for 1/25, I kept trying and trying every morning at 8am until an appointment miraculously showed up for 1/5 at 11:30 am. SCORE!


I got there at 11:00 am. There was a lady at the desk and she told me to take a seat. After one minute, a gentlemen came out and got me. Then he checked all my paperwork…awkward silence. And then he issued me my Regreso. I was out by 11:12am.


9 thoughts on “Renewing My Non Lucrative Visa in Spain

  1. So happy to have found your post!! So for the first renewal you needed to show adequate savings for TWO years? That was my question which had me googling. Great info in your post!! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂


  2. Wonderful info…. Thank you
    I am in Madrid and just beginning the renewal process. Did you have to fill in anything for Anexo I II? I’m not quite sure what to put there?
    Also, did you submit pay stubs and property info ( I have rental prop in US) or just bank statements?


    1. Anexo on the EX-01 Form – I left that blank and it was fine! I didn’t submit any pay stubs – instead I submitted 3 months worth of bank statements that showed I had sufficient amounts to last me the next two years Hope this answers your questions.


  3. Also, I thought I read somewhere that you have 60 days after NIE expiration to renew…..Anyone else know of this?


    1. I read that you have 1 month after the NIE expires. But don’t wait!! Get it done because at the moment I’m trying to get an appointment for fingerprinting and I’m not having any luck. This means I won’t be able to leave the country until I get my fingerprints done and get my new residency card which can take up to 2 month!!! I will be updating my blog once I get this done


  4. I’m so happy I found your blog!! I’m planning on moving to Barcelona in the next 8-12 months and I’m trying to figure everything out. I’m in LA now.


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