La Tomatina Festival 8-30-17

This festival is held on the last Wednesday of August every year in Buñol (a city right outside Valencia) It’s a festival where you throw tomatoes at each other. About 45,000 people attend this fight that lasts a couple hours.

Where do they get their tomatoes from? Turns out Spain produces so much tomatoes and there’s more supply than demand. If they were to export it, it hurts the local farmers. You can probably say it’s the biggest ethical food waste ever.

Ticket costs: 10€

I did the package which included a round trip bus ride from Valencia for 38€.

Besides providing a location for pick up, this festival was a shit show!! We made our way to the bus, rode for 30 minutes and got dropped off in the city of Buñol with no instructions on where to go after the party was over. We all brought clothes to change into after because the buses will NOT let you on if you’re not hosed down properly.

FullSizeRender 23

There are vendors everywhere so we got a snack and drinks and started heading down to the main area. Then we were all crushed liked sardines on a tiny little street waiting for the 5 trucks of tomatoes to unload.

You hear a loud bang and the first truck makes its way down the tiny little street. How the f is this truck supposed to pass through with all these people. It was insane but we had to make it work. The rules were that you had to crush the tomatoes first before throwing them. Well that did not happen and I can’t count how many times we were all hit so hard in our faces. Despite the pain, it was just all fun and games. By the time the 3rd truck came, I was ready to bounce.

We made it back to our lockers and found a woman with a water hose and she hosed us down for 1€. Then we slipped into the alley way to get butt naked and changed into our fresh clothes. It was a great experience and a once in a life time thing!

If you plan on going to this, my suggestions is to wear sneakers and definitely bring goggles.


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